It’s time to think differently about senior-living software

It’s time to think differently about senior-living software

You Deserve an eMAR Upgrade

Beautiful user screens, alerts, workflow and management dashboards help ease your transition from paper or older software. A mobile friendly and modern feel means greater usability, faster adoption and quicker training for staff of all ages. And perfect documentation, pharmacy integration and live messaging provides you peace of mind.

Clinical Documentation, Beautifully Done

ManageCARE™ is the ultimate single-login solution for medication administration, clinical documentation, care charting, staff communication, and invoice creation. Custom dashboards put day-to-day tasks and critical information in front of the right people at the right time; corporate, regional and local.

Everything In One Place

Beyond an EHR, BlueStep’s ManagePRO™ is the single-login solution for care community information management. This comprehensive system combines all components of both ManageMAR™ and ManageCARE™ while extending it’s offering to include marketing/CRM, HR/staffing, invoicing, facility maintenance, and FamilyConnect.

BlueStep – Beyond a traditional EHR, BlueStep provides the most comprehensive and flexible solutions available for senior living providers. BlueStep touches every aspect of your business; from resident records to medication administration, care charting to marketing, human resources to facility management, invoicing to FamilyConnect and much, much more. And from corporate reporting automation and dashboarding to complete application development, our fully-flexible platform is the only one available that empowers users to easily customize the solution to meet specific operational and clinical needs. It’s time to think differently about senior-living software. We call it ‘Brilliant solutions powered by you.’

BlueStep’s web-based and mobile solutions are offered in 4 products: ManageMAR™, ManageCARE™, ManagePRO™, and PLATFORM™.

BlueStep’s revolutionary ManageMAR™ is true integration; deeply connecting communities and pharmacies across America while providing clinically-rich documentation and alerts, all delivered on a modern, attractive and simple-to-use application that is web-based and mobile.  

ManageCARE™ goes to the next clinical level by integrating medication administration with care and compliance systems for assessments, service plans, ADLs, behaviors, vital signs, incident reports and more. ManageCARE™ offers a single login solution for all medication, care and compliance documentation needs.

Beyond an EHR, BlueStep’s ManagePRO™ greatly expands senior-living community information management. This full solution suite combines all the components of both ManageMAR™ and ManageCARE™, and extends it’s offering to include marketing, HR/Staffing, facility maintenance, housekeeping, invoicing, and FamilyConnect.

PLATFORM™ stands alone as the only no-code/low-code rapid application development solution with an out-of-the-box senior living EHR solution sitting on top. Because of this sophisticated and comprehensive development and customization toolkit, senior living providers no longer have to compromise with hard-coded, one-size-fits-all software which require disjointed, disconnected and cumbersome ‘work-arounds’. They also no longer need to face the daunting task of possible ground-up software development and the corresponding risks and costs. Platform gives providers complete and unlimited control to not only customize, tweak or radically change the pre-configured EHR and other modules, but also the unheard-of ability to rapidly design, develop, and deploy applications, reports, alerts, workflows, dashboards, and analytics for any aspect of business. PLATFORM becomes a critical tool in the success of your company.


Resident Record Management

Mobile Device Compatible (Android, Apple, Microsoft)


Corporate Reporting and Oversight

Staff-to-Staff HIPAA Secure Instant Messaging

Medication Administration Record (MAR)

Pharmacy Integration (1 way and 2 way)

ManageRX – Pharmacy Staff Communication Portal

Custom Alerts (Text, eMail, On-Screen)

State Regulatory Compliance

Vital Signs Charting and Threshold Alerts

Temporary Warnings

Custom Nursing Assessments


Custom Service Plans


ADL Charting/Staff Task Creation


Automated Billing/Invoice Generation


Behavior Plan


Behavior Charting


Incident Reporting


Comprehensive Fall Risk Assessment


Pain Evaluation (Abbey Pain Scale and Profiling)


Geriatric Depression Scale


Nursing Notes


Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire (SPMSQ)


Nutritional Evaluation


Shift Change Communication Log


Marketing CRM Tool


Sales-to-EHR Automated Data Flow (Single Entry)




Facility Preventative Maintenance


Mobile Maintenance Checklist


Maintenance Inspection Request


Application Development, Hosting, Deployment


PowerUser Training


Complete System-wide Customization


Proprietary/White Label EHR Development


“We finally have a software platform that we mold around our business, instead of forcing ourselves to wrap around it.”

Senior-living providers no longer have to settle with hard-coded, one-size-fits-all software requiring disjointed, disconnected and cumbersome workarounds.
BlueStep PLATFORM stands alone as the only no-code/low-code rapid application development and data management solution delivered with a ready-to-go and customizable senior living EHR solution sitting on top…all with one login.

Discover what brilliant things can happen when you finally have the power to create and control your own vision.


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